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Thankful for the tribe
By: StressLess Riding Equestrian Coaching On March 08, 2013

The outside world has just not been a very friendly place for me in the last few daysMinimal sleep and Dallas-worthy family drama coupled with gray, raw March weather had me dragging myself into the barn this morning looking worse than Joan Rivers, with a similar snarky attitude.  I led my little chestnut mare out of her paddock intending to school her, but after one look at her I decided that a very long grooming session was in order instead.  As I scrubbed off the gunk, the chatter in the barn got going as people arrived.  It was just warm enough to justify shampooing Viva's legs, and eventually four white socks began to reappear.  Back in the barn, my 11:00 students were getting tacked up and snickering about what torturous jumping exercises I might invent for them today.  I trimmed off Viva's "Italian Grandmother" beard and found an actual attractive head under there.  I tucked her back in the shed (her socks are probably filthy again already) and went to teach my lesson.  My two students laughed, joked, and cheered each other on.  "She's not raising that jump, don't worry.  It was crooked so she's just fixing it."  By the end they were sailing easily over a 3' gymnastic and grinning ear to ear.  And so was I.  A trip to the bake shop down the street for something ridiculously sweet and gooey, a hilarious tack room conversation that I can't reprint here, and all was right with the world again. 

I just love our open-arms, insane, horse-obsessed tribe.  Everyone should be so lucky to have people and horses like this in their world.

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